Onboard the spaceship, we are departing

CENOS develops engineering simulation software to facilitate digital transformation industry. We more than double our revenue and team every year. Now, we are 20+ people - tech lovers who make complex things simple!

Our mission

We founded CENOS with a mission to democratize simulation software and make it available and affordable to every engineer. We give equal chance to our customers and our employees to unleash their talents and bring the company and the customers to a new level. Welcome aboard!

Mihails Ščepanskis

Cofounder and CEO


CENOS is founded by three PhDs


Team size in 2021


In revenue from our clients


Raised from investors

Our values

At CENOS, teamwork is in our DNA. Together, we solve new challenges and aim higher because we all share a common passion for community and open source. We're smart and we're hardworking - and we learn and grow together every day. Finally, we believe in equal opportunity for everyone and value every opinion.


we share ideas and opinions even if we don't agree


we strive to learn at every opportunity


we collaborate and support each other on our mission


we always are ethical in our decision-making

Our Riga office

Welcome to our freshly renovated Riga office! We're striving to create an environment that stimulates your mind, body, and spirit by striking a balance between casual chats with your teammates and disappearing into deep work.

Our locations


Riga, Latvia
Querataro, Mexico

Prolongación Tecnológico, Parque Tecnológico, Soriana, 76140 Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico

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Our timeline

2017 Q1

3 PhDs start working on the CENOS Platform

2017 Q4

Induction heating app beta launched

2019 Q1

Induction heating app v1.0 launched

2019 Q3

Induction heating v2.0 launched


Antenna design app v1.0 launched / Induction heating up v3.0 launched


New app releases: electric motors and transformers, wireless charging, and microwave heating

Recognition and awards


1st place in Digital Freedom Festival pitch competition


Selected by EU-Startups among the top 10 Baltic startup to watch


Recognized by Forbes Latvia among the 15 most promising science-driven startups


CENOS becomes part of 500 Startups family

Meet our team

Meet Cenos

“I started at CENOS as an intern. Then, I grew into a simulation engineer, and, once our team expanded I became Head of Customer Support. You can only do this in fast-growing companies.”

Alvis Eimuss

Product Owner (Induction Heating)

“For everything you do and everything you make, you know there'll be a customer on the other side who will really appreciate what you're doing.”

Malvīne Nelda Strakova

Product Engineer (Induction Heating)

“What I really like about CENOS is that we don't have timetables or schedules to fulfill, we just do our work.”

Daniel Galera Nebot

Open-source level software developer (FEM and post-processing team)

“Our main asset is our people. I truly think that we are very friendly, open, intelligent people - it's a pleasure talking to each other.”

Emīls Vjaters

Head of Sales

Join Cenos today!

Should you join CENOS? Yes! That's what we've been saying!

Executive Team

Mihails Ščepanskis

Cofounder and CEO

Ģirts Kalniņš

Chief Technical Officer

Vadims Geža

Cofounder and VP Engineering

The Team

Raimonds Viļums

Cofounder and Lead UI/UX Developer

Alvis Eimuss

Product Owner (Induction Heating)

Emīls Vjaters

Head of Sales

Daniel Galera Nebot

Open-source level software developer (FEM and post-processing team)

Dāvids Alilujevs

Sales Development Representative (Riga team)

Elvis Seļevskis

Head of Customer Support

Haralds Kauliņš

Software developer (Platform team)

Igors Vinogradovs

Software developer (UI team)

Malvīne Nelda Strakova

Product Engineer (Induction Heating)

Rinalds Pārpucis

Open-source level software developer (Pre-processing team)

Jēkabs Saulītis

Sales Development Representative (Riga team)

Anatolijs Gorbunovs

Software developer (Platform team)

Raitis Ķipurs

Digital marketing specialist (paid channel owner)

Apostolos Spanakis-Misirlis

Product Owner (Antenna Design)

Mohamed Akeel Fouzul Ameer

Junior Simulation Engineer Induction Heating (Riga team)

Bricia del Carmen Alvarado Martínez

Junior Simulation Engineer Antenna Design (Mexico team)